Buying Private Proxies for Instagram

Over the last few years Instagram has become extremely popular and in many ways has developed beyond it’s origins.  In 2010 when it launched, Instagram was seen pretty much as a simple photo uploading site.  Now with a hi-def camera in virtually every phone, the introductions of hashtags – Instagram has developed into one of the most popular social media sites on the planet.


Private Proxies for Instagram

It’s definitely easy to use, however  a crucial part of it’s success is it’s easy integration with other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.   Initially the home of mainly photographers, it’s now full of all sorts of creative people like Bloggers, stylists, designers and artists who use the platform to promote their work.  There are also plenty of internet marketers and digital entrepreneurs who use the platform too in a variety of ways to sell products and advertising.

To make money from Instagram, as with all social platforms, the key metric is followers.  Successful Instagram accounts can have many thousands of followers all eager to view new content.  Owners of these accounts can easily sell products and even recommend others in return for commission or a direct sponsorship payment.   Instagram are fairly chilled about using their platform to promote goods, services or affiliate products however they actively stop people creating and running multiple accounts.

As mentioned, you need followers and likes to create a successful Instagram account and that can take a long time the traditional way.  Fortunately you can help this process along, by developing multiple accounts concurrently and using software to help promote them directly.  However if you try any of this from a single internet connection, your accounts won’t last long and will get blocked and even deleted by Instagram.  So if you want to run multiple Instagram accounts, and most people making money have lots of them, you need to hide your tracks.

Buying Private Proxies for Instagram

Instagram basically wants one user to have one account, so if you need more you’re going to have to play clever. They have many methods of detecting this perceived misuse of their platform, however the primary one is via IP addresses. If you try and manage multiple accounts from the same address you’ll quickly be in trouble, which is where fast private proxies come in.

A proxy is an intermediary server that sits between your computer and any website you visit including Instagram. When you connect through a proxy you hide your IP address completely and if it’s set up properly each proxy provides a complete new digital identity. Instagram marketers will typically have a large bank of these proxies available in order to promote multiple accounts.

In addition to managing multiple Instagram accounts, using proxies allows you another advantage the ability to use automation tools to promote those accounts. Here’s a selection of some of the most popular –

  • Massplanner – One of the most successful tools for building followers for your account.
  • FollowLiker – The Instagram version allows promotion and management of your Instagram account.
  • Followadder – Builds users, followers, adds automated likes and even schedules postings.

This is not a complete list, there are many more tools and bots which can automate the various aspects of Instagram promotion. However use any of these without a bank of proxies to hide your IP address and you will definitely risk your accounts being deleted.   Remember you must use a proxy for Instagram bot or software.   It’s not a luxury for rich marketers if you use any of these tools without using private proxies for instagram promotion like these, then you’re going to lose your accounts.

Indeed most successful marketers will invest heavily in proxies specifically designated for use with Instagram. There’s no point using generic or free proxies as they won’t work for a variety of reasons. However the main reason, is simply that people will already be using them for Instagram anyway so they will also put your account at risk.

Here’s the prerequisites for buying proxies for Instagram –

  • Dedicated – Only used by you.
  • Residential Addresses – most proxies are from commercial IP address ranges, these raise a huge red flag to Instagram as normal home users don’t use these addresses.
  • Instagram enabled – many proxies have addresses which are already blocked by Instagram, they’re useless.
  • Region – the proxy addresses should be registered in ‘safe’ regions such as Europe or USA or they could be flagged.

Most experts recommend having one proxy available for two different Instagram accounts.  So if you’re running 10 accounts you’d need access to 5 private proxy servers which are rotated as required.  The best providers will take care of this rotation through backconnect rotating proxies, though you can do it manually or through the software configuration of most tools.   Ultimately though, skimping on proxies will almost certainly cost you in the long run, so if you’re serious about making money on Instagram and want to protect your accounts make sure you use proper dedicated Instagram proxies.

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