Here’s How to Get a German Proxy IP Address

The internet is getting more restrictive, it sounds like a controversial thing to say but it’s definitely true. All over the web individual sites are implementing various restrictions on who can see what. Many sites will in fact block access to anyone based on a variety of criteria. The most common restriction though is based on location which is normally determined via the IP address you connect with.

German Proxy IP Address

Here’s how anyone can get a German proxy IP address to surf any ‘German only’ website. All you need to do is route your connection through a proxy or VPN based in Germany to switch their IP address as required.

For a demonstration, just check out this German proxy server video on YouTube.

It’s simple to use and by clicking on the correct server,you can switch to a German IP address at will. It’s useful for accessing any restricted content in Germany without any hassle or issues. What’s more you can expand you horizons and access other sites all over the world too.

Click on a US server, and you’ll have a US IP address until you disconnect. Switch to a UK proxy and you can enjoy the wonderful BBC iPlayer completely free of charge like a UK native too.